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Professional training for carpet and floor layers with Uzin Utz

Ukraine and Belarus lack well-trained and quality oriented specialists for floor laying. Semiskilled craftsmen such as brick layers or carpenters lay floors without a special training in these countries. The lack of knowledge about modern materials and their usage at the building site results in inadequate processing and large losses of quality and material. This often leads to expensive customer complaints.

The objective of the PPP project is the establishment of a recognized occupation that requires formal training for floor laying (parquet, floor and flagstone) in the Ukraine and Belarus. With the formal acceptance and support of authorities these trainings will be implemented at vocational schools in both countries. Uzin Utz will cooperate with the local authorities and vocational schools and develop the curriculum in cooperation with experienced vocational school teachers from Germany, who will also consulted for the training of the Eastern Europe vocational school teachers. The company provides the necessary training material such as different floor coverings, adhesives, fillers, tools and machines (aspirator devices and parquet grinding machines). Governmental recognition for the floor layer vocation in both countries is going to be achieved. Experienced craftsmen are going to improve their skills in training courses of one to two weeks. Younger apprentices are trained in corresponding courses lasting up to 2 years.

WiN=WiN effects

Local people receive qualified vocational trainings and increase their income opportunities.

The efficient use and further processing of Uzin Utz’s high quality product range strengthens sales in the region by closing the gap in its distribution chain.

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