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“Commitment out of conviction.”

Our interdisciplinary team consists of experts with many years of experience abroad with high intercultural competence coupled with comprehensive expertise in development policy and business management.

  • James Herrmann

    James Herrmann

    Managing Partner
    Managing director Fair Stone

    Tel.: +49 (0)7021 – 726 98 95

    E-Mail Profile

    Sustainable entrepreneurship increases competitiveness, sparks innovation and thus leads to significant efficiency gains.

  • Philipp Baisch

    Philipp Baisch

    Managing Partner
    Project Manager Fair Stone

    Tel.: +49 (0)7021 – 726 98 94

    E-Mail Profile

    The balance between economy, ecology and social offers companies great opportunities

  • Dieter Büttenbender

    Dieter Büttenbender

    Advisor & Project Manager

    +49 (0) 171 8501142

    E-Mail Profile

    Sustainable development assistance ensures economic stability and equal opportunities for future generations in emerging and developing countries

  • Ha Chi Dong

    Ha Chi Dong

    Fair Stone Representative Vietnam
    Project Manager

    Phone: +84 (0)915 – 073 480

    E-Mail Profile

    Safety and health in the workplace are essential criteria for Fair Stone.

  • Dr. Heinecke Werner

    Dr. Heinecke Werner

    Late Founder (1941 - 2019 RIP)

    Phone: ---

    E-Mail Profile

    Entrepreneurs are better fitted to provide sustainable developmental aid.

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