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Agency for Global Responsibility

WiN=WiN is an experienced consulting agency for economic partnerships (PPPs) and Corporate Sustainability in emerging and developing countries. Over the past fifteen years we have accompanied more than 100 sustainability projects successfully for companies of all sizes and industries across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

We assist companies to credibly fulfill their corporate responsibility and give advice on how to increase the stability in their business environment. Our projects help to reduce business risks and enable growth potential. Creating WiN=WiN situations for our customers, their stakeholders and local people has and will always be our main concern.

We help to develop innovative sustainability strategies and performance reporting systems and to analyze and optimize complex supply chains. We are experienced in setting up business partnerships and have a spotless track record securing public funding.

Thanks to our strong networking with decision makers at home and abroad, the expertise in dealing with public institutions and non-governmental organizations as well as our unique know-how we can offer our customers tailor-made solutions.

Our aims
  • Generate added value for companies and people alike
  • Promote responsible business practices in emerging and developing countries
  • Make our customers’ activities sustainable along the entire value and supply chain
  • Implement feasible concepts for safety and health at the workplace
  • Help companies to make their contribution to environmental protection and to use
    their resources as efficiently as possible
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