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“Do good and make it known.”

Sustainability management and communication have become important competitive factors for companies. Corporations and small and medium enterprises acting on a global scale increasingly recognize the tangible benefits an equilibrium between economic interests, social responsibility and environmental protection can produce. Transparent reporting about sustainability activities increases and safeguards public reputation, eco-friendly and fair-trade products open up new consumer segments and employees identify more strongly with their company. In addition, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements on the part of legislators, investors or business partners suggest that sustainable entrepreneuring has become indispensable to preserve a “license to operate”.

WiN=WiN is an experienced consulting agency for sustainability consulting and economic partnerships (PPPs) in emerging and developing countries. Over the past fifteen years we have successfully implemented more than 100 projects for companies of all sizes and industries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. In addition, WiN=WiN is also responsible for the international social and environmental standard “Fair Stone”, which focuses on ensuring sustainable supply chains for natural stone imports from China, Vietnam, India and Turkey.

We help you to credibly fulfill and communicate your Corporate Responsibility and to increase the stability in your global business environment. Our projects assist you in reducing business risks and exploiting growth potentials. Creating WiN=WiN situations for our customers, their stakeholders and local people has and will always be our main concern.

With WiN=WiN as a partner, you make sure:
  • that implementation of your sustainability plan is achieved cost-effectively with an emphasis on customer-orientation
  • that first and foremost your core business is designed sustainably
  • to identify opportunities in developing countries and avoid common pitfalls
  • to advance your business with new prospects and perspectives
  • your committment excites both employees and customers
  • to avoid reputational hazards
  • to contribute to a positive globalization

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