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“Think globally, act locally.”

WiN=WiN is headquartered in Kirchheim/Teck near Stuttgart. The attractive and powerful economic region at the heart of Europe reflects our client structure. Companies of varying sizes and sectors are represented by us: from global players of the DAX 30 segment to internationally active Hidden Champions operating SMEs up to traditional family businesses. A WiN=WiN branch office is located in Kiel, the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein.

In order to adjust our business approach ideally to regional particularities – be it in regards to culture, language or local networks for business and politics – WiN=WiN has a number of representative offices spread across the globe. These are in close contact with the German headquarter and serve our clients and their projects on-site. WiN=WiN has representative offices in four African countries: South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana. In Southeast Asia, our offices in China and Vietnam assist us in the monitoring of our social and environmental standard for natural stones, Fair Stone. Currently, new representatives are planned for Brazil, India and United Kingdom.


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