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“What you have in black or white, you can take home with confidence.”

Here you can find everything you need to know about WiN=WiN and our services and projects in a compressed form ready for download:


screenshot WiN=WiN Flyer en

English Leaflet “WiN=WiN”

screenshot WiN=WiN Flyer de

German Leaflet “WiN=WiN”

screenshot fairstone flyer en

English Leaflet “Fair Stone”

screenshot fairstone flyer dt

German Leaflet “Fair Stone”

screenshot WiN=WiN Nachhaltiger Einkauf

German Leaflet “Nachhaltiger Einkauf mit WiN=WiN”

Werner Publikation 2. Auflage

“Unternehmer sind die besseren Entwicklungshelfer”

Are you interested? We look forward to getting in touch with you: You explain your core business to us and we draft an individualized project approach, non-binding, which best suits your circumstances. Together we create added value for your company, its employees and all stakeholders.

Learn more about our roughly 100 successfully implemented projects for companies of all sizes and industries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

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