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Quality improvement & resource saving in the milk industry with Calvatis

Calvatis produces cleaning materials and disinfectants and is one of the biggest independent suppliers of comprehensive hygiene management systems. The business segments of Calvatis provide products and services for the food, beverage and milk production and offer consulting and support for comprehensive hygiene management.

Milk production is an important branch of the economy in many countries in Central America. Especially in small production facilities old fashioned methods are used that require a high input of chemicals for cleaning or disinfection. Dairies and farmers have high potentials for cost and resource savings and quality improvements through modern cleaning processes and an advanced hygiene management.

The project of Calvatis addresses these opportunities and enables, through the introduction of new, chlorine free and biodegradable cleaning agents; an effective, hygienic and resource saving milk production. Findings from on-site production process studies will be used to create and conduct relevant workshops for dairies, hygiene experts, farmers and veterinarians. Together with pilot dairies and agricultural pilot facilities modern cleaning processes will be tested and adapted for a broader distribution. Cooperation with local universities ensure a long-term and broad based implementation.

WiN=WiN effects

The PPP-project enables an efficient milk production in Central America by reducing up to 50% the time needed for cleaning and direct cost savings that profit especially the farmers. Additionally the biodegradable products reduce environmental impact of milk production by up to 80%.

Calvatis is able to lastingly expand its Central American presence. Trainings of hygiene experts and dairies form the entry point for a lasting cooperation with the food sector in the participating countries. In cooperation with local universities experts are trained that function as multipliers for a hygiene management according to European standards.

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