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Community development through proper waste management with CRONIMET Mining

The CRONIMET Mining AG is involved in the whole value chain of extracted mineral ores for the worldwide steel and metal industry. Over 4.000 employees ensure the leading position of the company in the areas of stainless steel scrap, recycling and mining. The German-South African CRONIMET Chrome Mining SA (Pty) Ltd. operates a chrome ore field in the north of South Africa in the province of Limpopo.

In a region highly affected by unemployment CRONIMET employs more than 1.000 people. In many regions in South Africa migrant laborers in search of employment construct informal settlements near potential employers. Close to the mining area in the Thabazimbi municipality is the informal settlement called “Smash Block”. It already exists for many years without any public utility infrastructure whatsoever. Especially women are often without work and social relations are deteriorating due to uncontrolled waste disposal.

Through the creation of employment opportunities and a proper waste management the project of CRONIMET directly addresses these issues. In cooperation with the organization THABANG a waste collection and disposal project was initiated that creates new income opportunities by recovering resources such as glass and metal from household waste. Additionally, the operation of small vegetable gardens inside the “Smash Block” is supported and expanded. Furthermore, trainings inform the residents about potential improvements in hygiene and nutrition.

WiN=WiN effects

The PPP-project enables a supporting, healthy environment for the approximately 15.000 residents in the “Smash Block”-settlement by creating a sustainable solution for waste disposal and new sources of income. All settlers profit from a hygienic neighbourhood . Through the garden project the alimentation- and income situation will be improved in cooperation with regional organizations.

CRONIMET creates the possibility to lastingly improve the communal development for all. For the company this secures the good relations with the surrounding area and its lasting support. Additionally better living standards stimulate health and productivity of the residents of whom many are employed by CRONIMET.

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