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Setting up an open apprenticeship workshop with Manz

Founded in 1987, Manz AG, Reutlingen, is a leading global high-tech engineering company. In recent years the company has grown from an automation specialist into a supplier of production lines. Manz AG has amassed expertise in six areas of technology, including automation, laser processes, vacuum coating, printing, metrology and wet chemical processes. The technologies are deployed and further developed in three strategic fields, the “Display”, “Solar” and “Battery” segments.

The company operates production sites in Germany, China, Taiwan, Slovakia and Hungary. In China a lack of skilled mid-level personnel is prevalent. This especially affects technology manufacturers. Practical education in China is provided unsystematically and often valued little. Teachers in vocational training schools lack the knowledge and experiences in production and training.

As part of the PPP-project Manz AG founded an open training workshop for apprentices. Qualified teachers introduce practical content as well as theoretical knowledge on assembly-, adjustment-, surveying and alignment techniques. The workshop is open to apprentices as well as to external workers and teachers of vocational- and technical schools. These can participate in specific “Train-the-Trainer” workshops. Thus students from different schools receive further training and the open workshop sets a leading example for other technology companies in the region.

WiN=WiN effects

A better and systematic vocational training for workers and teachers at local schools allows the PPP-project to improve the income situation of lowly qualified workers in the technology sector. Teachers of vocational schools are offered the opportunity for advanced, practical training, which generally improves vocational training in general in the Suzhou region.

Manz AG benefits by employing better qualified workers and gaining access to a larger pool of trained apprentices from vocational schools. Once employed at suppliers the participants will add to a general increase in production quality in the technology sector. New staff can be recruited through the established network and can be integrated into the company through further qualification procedures. Additionally, the company will position itself as education promoter and reliable partner in China.

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