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Development and distribution of medical knowledge with Elsevier

As the leading provider of science and health related information, Elsevier serves more than 30 million scientists, students and health- and information experts. Experiences in publishing of more than 130 years enable Elsevier to foster the scientific dialogue between the different actors in the health sector with diverse products and services. The publisher is already active in South Africa mainly by publishing medical textbooks.

A functioning health care system is one of the biggest challenges in Africa. While supplying money and medicines it is often overlooked that many illnesses and local circumstances in Africa differ significantly from the ones in the West. Tailor-made African approaches based on local research are necessary. Until now a lack of support prevents the insertion and circulation of specific African health care knowledge. Western medical journals are rarely available to African authors.

The Elsevier PPP-project trains local authors and supports medical associations. Furthermore, research papers are being raised to international standards for publishing. This facilitates the establishment of two journals, which build the foundation for high-end qualitative research in Africa and its circulation and exchange.

WiN=WiN effects

Medical personnel learn about new methods and an exchange with other local institutions becomes possible. Patients profit from adapted and improved treatments. The process of development, advancement and distribution of local medical knowledge and its application in Africa’s health services is entering a new era.

For Elsevier the project provides the opportunity to enter a new market segment. It constitutes an economic viable path, which would not have been possible without the PPP-project.

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