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Sustainable building Werner Sobek

Werner Sobek Group is a global trademark for engineering, design and sustainability. The company is specialized in the development of concepts to minimize the use of energy and resources and the planning for sustainable buildings. The German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) aims at expanding their holistic system of standards in emerging economies and developing countries; and by doing so promoting globally sustainable and economically efficient construction practices.

The rapid economic growth of Brazil leads to substantial environmental problems. The construction sector is growing dynamically, especially the construction of housing and office buildings. Urbanization has become an important aspect of policies tackling climate change. 85% of the Brazilian population lives in cities. Meso- and Microclimate are changing already in dense urban areas due to large scale construction activities resulting from urbanization trends. Thermal hot spots are being generated, cities become thermal stress areas. Energy consumption (i.e. costs) for air-conditioning of buildings is on the rise. This reduces grid stability resulting in and increasing amount of power failures. Energy-efficient construction and retro-fitting can reduce overload of the electrical supply grid, operating costs and environmental pollution. This, however, requires the initial creation of awareness.

The objective of this PPP-project is to holistically improve quality in the Brazilian construction industry. Sustainability is being anchored across the board in the construction sector and the related specialist community, and appropriate instruments are being developed for the planning and implementation of sustainable buildings in Brazil. A Brazilian DGNB network is being established and an expert information exchange forum created. The DGNB system of standards is being adapted to local requirements. Training, capacity building and awareness raising activities will be conducted in collaboration with various Brazilian universities to train students, lecturers and practitioners.

WiN=WiN effects

Awareness for sustainability will be raised and transparency created across the board through this PPP-project. The positive effects of integrating sustainability in the planning process are made transparent in a market traditionally dominated by immediate cost considerations. Close collaboration with universities and public administration strengthens potential multipliers.

The Werner Sobek Group aims at enlarging their activities in Brazil. The adaptation of the DGNB standard strenghtens the group’s market position, pioneers sustainable construction and enhances long-term market access for the group. Awareness raising activities and building capacity of decision-makers in sustainable construction will further enhance a demand for more resource efficient building. The DGNB is benefiting from the PPP-project as an integral part of their strategy to internationalize by introducing and establishing the adapted DGNB standard in Brazil – which will be beneficial for other DGNB members as well.

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