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Educational travel in Thailand and Tunisia with Studiosus Reisen

Studiosus Reisen is a German tour operator based in Munich, who offers tours in more than 100 countries worldwide. The emphasis of their trips is to serve as a mediator between locals and travellers. Studiosus Reisen visits selected projects located in different countries of the world with tour groups.

These projects were funded by the GTZ in the past, and are now economically independent and continued by the locals. The tour guide informs the travellers beforehand about the projects and the corresponding background and context. The visits provides a platform for the exchange between guests and locals.

During a first pilot phase, the countries Tunisia and Thailand were visited. Two projects in each country were selected. Adequate information material was drafted by the tour guide to inform the travel groups about the characteristics of the projects, and after a visit a follow-up is offered.

Through the use of the information material willing travelers have the opportunity to prepare for the visit and to acquire the necessary general knowledge. Further information, with an emphasy on development policiy, is provided by the tour guide during the trip.

WiN=WiN effects

The PPP-Projects offers educational travelers the opportunity to get a closer look at the hopes and desires of the people in developing countries. This dialogue with people of the Third World about their concerns is new for visitors and offers fascinating insights into previously unknown worlds. This travel offer emphasizes intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. The trips also help to raise awareness for problems in developing countries.

The collaboration enables the company Studiosus Reisen to discover journeys off the beaten track and to convey to its customers original and authentic contact experiences that are at the same time socially and ecologically sustainable for the local people. Educational travelers are not overwhelmed by offers from countless other tour operators.

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