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T-Data processing with DiGiTEXX

The Munich-based company DiGiTEXX specializes in digitalization and conversion of documents. Important customers are, for example, the Bavarian State Library, who uses the company’s services to digitally edit and archive old books. Another example are large German retailers who need assistance in the decyphering of handwritten customer inquiries. About 7% of these inquiries, whether they are part of a survey or sweepstakes, are not readable with modern electronic readers. The text detection and treatment necessary to decipher their content is largely provided by a Vietnamese partner company.

Vietnam is part of the densely populated and poor countries in Southeast Asia. Due to legislative changes, the service sector has experienced an economic boom, which also benefits the poorer segments of the population. This boom is partly due to a very high literacy rate (94% of the population). A future challenge is the rapid growth of urbanization.

The aim of the PPP-Project on one hand is to educate Vietnamese regarding the German language as well as cultural specifics, so as to counteract the severe shortage of skilled workers. On the other hand, it is another target to assign these newly created jobs to socially disadvantaged groups of the population, such as disabled veteran or single mothers. Furthermore, IT-Home offices are to be created to lessen the stress on the already overburdened infrastructure.

WiN=WiN effects

The PPP-project will create up to 200 new jobs. Socially disadvantaged groups of people, who would otherwise have no way to generate income for themselves and their family, are preferred. Above-average compensation remuneration complements the job. An increasing order situation ensures the sustainability of the project. Furthermore, the project is structure-building, as it introduces a new profession in Vietnam: the specialist for digitalization.

Digi-Texx satiates his need for skilled labor in Vietnam. Due to the time difference, it is possible to edit documents overnight and make them availabe next day to editors. This enables DiGi-Texx to offer new time critical services.

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