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Quality improvements fish-processing industry Frozen Fish (IGLO) and Sequid

Frozen Fish International is part of the international Birds Eye Iglo group. Frozen Fish produces and distributes high quality frozen fish products such as fish sticks, gourmet fish filets, refined fish fillets and fried fish. Sequid GmbH produces and distributes gauges which can exactly determine the freshness of foods such as fish. The combination of high-frequency technology with multivariate statistics also allows for the measurement of other quality parameters such as single and double freezing of fish and artificially added water.

In the Chinese province of Qingdao, many tons of fish are spoilt every year due tounreliable cooling systems and lack of quality management in the fish industry.

The objective of the PPP- project is an improved quality management through knowledge transfer and the use of modern technology in order to reach high quality standards in the supply chain. Trainings for the Chinese workers take place in Qingdao as well as in the fish processing in Bremerhaven. Sequid facilities are being set up in China and several workshops are being conducted. The quality management program is implemented in close cooperation with the Chinese fish industry.

WiN=WiN effects

The Chinese fish industry benefits from the know-how of both companies – Frozen Fish International and Sequid – in the field of quality management. The project contributes to sustainable fishing as the amounts of spoilt fish and bycatch can significantly be reduced.

Frozen Fish ensures a high quality supply chain and Sequid can market its gauges in China.

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